Dr Jacob John Book on POLIO is Emotive, Science at its Best – Dr Krishna Ella

    New Delhi: Launching Dr Jacob John authored Book on POLIOThe Eradication Imgroglio in New Delhi on Saturday Dr. Krishna Ella, Scientist, Co-Founder, Chairman and Managing Director Bharat Biotech said it is a celebration of science, and what science can do to solve infectious diseases.

    “It is inspiring and leaves us to ponder many important facets of science and its interpretation.” He added talking about Eminent virologist and Emeritus Professor of Virology, Christian Medical College, Vellore Dr. T. Jacob John. The book is co-authored by Dr. Dhanya Dharmapalan

    Dr. John was felicitated by Dr. Ella and Mrs. Suchitra for his outstanding contributions in Science and Technology, his relentless work in developing the Polio Vaccine and in eradication of Polio in India. 

    To achieve our national goals and to address the larger concerns confronting humanity today Science plays a vital role, and Dr. John is an outstanding example of its impact Dr. Ella said.

    The book “POLIO – The Eradication Imbroglio” authored by Dr. T Jacob John and Dr. Dhanya Dharmapalan published reminds us of the pitfalls countries encountered in the past and present in the control and prevention of pandemics and even epidemics.

    The book highlights – Causative microorganisms of infectious diseases such as polio and others can only be eliminated and eradicated from our planet by uniform global decisions rapidly adapted by all the countries and their governments without reference to their gross domestic product or status of public health systems.

    The Book on POLIO enables each one of us to spread the message for urgent and decisive universal action on emerging pathogens.

    In his address Dr. Krishna Ella said “Dr. T Jacob John is not only known for his deep knowledge about vaccines, he is also well known for his wisdom and his immense contribution to eradicate polio in India through his deep expertise in Virology. It is a great honor for us to acknowledge, and extend our deepest appreciation this day to the Father of Indian Virology and visionary in polio eradication. Today we are celebrating science, and a great scientist, virologist of our nation.”

    Infectious diseases, how we manage is in our hands – Dr Jacob John

    Dr Jacob John Book – Polio – The Eradication Imbroglio

    In an exclusive chat with thenewsfacts editor, Dr. Jacob John said ” Human diseases, particularly infectious diseases, how we manage it are in our hands, science has solutions, we have to find the solutions and apply them properly to manage our health. That is the biggest lesson science teaches us. When it comes to Polio we have to use scientific methodologies in trying to prevent, control, and eradicate polio. Not by faith this vaccine will or the other vaccine may not work. You experiment and create models. Same thing for coronavirus, you apply science and measure the effect of any intervention by evidence that is the way to go forward.”

    Talking about the book Dr. John said it is all about my anger and anguish seeing polio is still affecting children, in 2022 when we could have eradicated it if we would have used the right strategy. Where have we gone wrong with the strategy that is the book all about”.

    Dr. Jacob who joined the Christian Medical College as teaching faculty in 1959 rose to become the Professor of Virology in the institution. Dr. John is acknowledged for having established the Department of Diagnostic Virology Laboratory at the Christian Medical College.

    Globally well-known scientists and medicine stalwarts, Dr. Roger Glass – Director of the Fogarty International Center and Associate Director for International Research at NIH – and Dr Priya Abraham, Director NIV, also shared their experience and association with Dr. John through a video message.

    Dr. John also held various prestigious positions such as the Director of the ICMR Centre for Advanced Research in Virology and the Director of the National AIDS Reference Lab in the CMC. He was the National President of the Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists and the Indian Association of Paediatrics. And, widely known for his Gospel – Immunize , Protect Children.

    As a former President of the Rotary Club of Vellore, Dr. John is credited with having played a significant role in the eradication of polio in India and other countries through the Pulse Polio Programme by persuading Rotary International to take up polio eradication as an international voluntary movement.

    Freeing children from polio menace in Vellore in 1982 is among his most prominent public health care action, thereafter he was named the founder member of the R.I. Pulse Polio Programme in 1984 for ensuring polio eradication throughout the world.

    Dr. Jacob served as Chairman of the Expert Advisory Group on Polio Eradication of the Government of India till 2010. With the declaration of India as polio-free in February 2014, he has now taken up the task of controlling tuberculosis.

    Among the prestigious awards from the medical fraternity, he has been conferred ‘Service above Self” award by The Rotarians.


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