Apple might delight iPhone 13 Users With a New DIY Fix

    Apple might consider to fix an issue that made its users impossible to fix the iPhone 13 screen outside of the service center. According to a Verge, report Apple might consider releasing a software update that will remove the component verification process, which is only done through authorized Apple stores.

    This is a win-win for users who want to fix their iPhone 13 anywhere without fear of damaging iPhone 13 Face ID system.

    Shortly after the iPhone 13 was released, the repair industry was shocked by Apple’s controversial new changes to how it changes the screen of a new phone. According to some experts, Apple has installed a microcontroller in the iPhone 13, which is required to control the screen. Whenever you replace a broken screen with a new one, you will also need to move the microcontroller to support the new screen you just installed.

    Apple might let users choose where to fix their iPhone 13 Screen

    iPhone 13 Users
    iPhone 13 users will have a new DIY fix to repair their iPhone 13 screen

    Otherwise, your iPhone Face ID will be lost. Because microcontrollers are small parts, third-party repair shops need expensive equipment, but they cannot afford it. The process, which requires “… time, specialized equipment, and microscopic skills” is complex for them too, and repairing a broken iPhone 13 screen is nearly impossible without significant investment. This means that.

    On the other hand, Apple Authorized Repair Centers not only have access to the devices, they also know the process inside out. However, as iFixit said in its report, the change was “a dark day for freelancers and repair professionals”.

    The new restriction on iPhone 13 screen repair will hit not only the repair industry but also customers who need to visit the Apple Center. As long as the iPhone 13 is under warranty, this shouldn’t be a problem. It only becomes problematic after the warranty has expired.

    • Apple may soon release a software update to ease the repair process of iPhone 13 screen.
    • After the update, moving of microcontroller along with the screen may not be required.
    • The microcontroller makes it nearly impossible for local shops to repair the iPhone 13 screen.

    Repairs done in Apple Authorized Stores tend to be more expensive than third-party repairs. Do-it-yourself customers also cannot repair the monitor themselves unless they have access to equipment that allows them to move the microcontroller. Apple plans to introduce a software update. If so, it would be a huge relief for both the repair industry and customers who prefer to do repairs in third-party stores.

    However, there is no information about when this update will be released. Until then, the repair process remains the same. However, since almost every iPhone 13 device has a warranty, this won’t be a problem.


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