Apple Watch Saves a 17-Year-Old After He Fell Into A Deep Gorge

    The Apple Watch has established itself as a useful tool for tracking illnesses and spotting accidents, and this time, a cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 7 has saved the life of one Smit Metha, a 17-year-old boy from Raigad, Maharashtra, by allowing him to contact his parents after he fell 130-150 feet into a deep gorge while hiking to Visapur Fort in Maharashtra.

    On July 11, 2022, Metha, a NEET applicant who intends to major in medical science, went trekking with his companions close to Lonavala’s Visapur Fort.

    “It was raining heavily. The initial trek round went well but on the way back, I slipped and fell into a deep valley owing to a muddy track. I fell nearly 130-150 feet down into the valley,” Metha said.

    He also reportedly, did not have a phone on him. “Deep in the forest, both my ankles were dislocated. I didn’t have my phone on me but I was wearing an Apple Watch with cellular functionality,” Metha told IANS.

    Apple Watch saves another life

    He waited in anguish while his buddies were unable to find him after he fell down the valley because of the dense vegetation and weather. He then realised he was wearing his Series 7 cellular Apple Watch, which had a Jio connection. As a result, he was able to call his parents and provide them precise location information about where he was when the tragedy happened. In order for them to send help and summon emergency services, he then called his friends to let them know where he was.

    “I was screaming in pain. Two trekkers helped me by cutting nearby plants and also called rescue services. I was transferred to an orthopedic hospital in Pune,” said Metha.

    Metha was discharged on August 7 but had to undergo further treatment for a full recovery.

    Being grateful, Smit Metha decided to write to Tim Cook to thank him. However, to his surprise, the Apple CEO replied back. “It sounds like a terrible accident. Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. I wish you a full and speedy recovery,” Cook wrote.

    Dr. Nitesh Chopra, 33, bought an Apple Watch Series 6 for his wife’s birthday. When he looked at his electrocardiogram (ECG) on his Watch, arrhythmia signals—irregular heartbeats—showed up twice.

    He became nervous and admitted himself into a nearby hospital. An angiography revealed a significant blockage, and medical professionals advised stent placement.


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