Battlegrounds Mobile India to bring The Flora Menace Mode ( New Update )

    Battlegrounds Mobile India has a new update. PUBG Mobile’s BGMI New 1.6 update brings the ‘Resistance: Survival of the Fittest’ theme, its India avatar Battlegrounds Mobile India is now getting the major update.

    BGMI’s latest update will introduce a host of features to the in-game that include- a new game mode, return of a few old modes and maps, faster adjustment of the scope.

    Highlights of BGMI New 1.6 update

    ✔️ The Flora Menace Mode
    ✔️ Improved/ Upgraded Settings & Effects
    ✔️ Other Modes Comeback

    Flora Menace mode: The new game mode will be available on Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik and will offer features like Zillion Matrix, Dynahex Supply, and Life Barrier.

    The BGMI 1.6 new update will let players customize their gameplay and even allow them to capture the highlights of the match. Also Read – BGMI 1.6 update full patch notes released: When can we download the new update?

    Much like the popular BR title, its Indian version is getting a new Flora Menace game mode, and the return of Vikendi Map is on deck as well.

    New weapons- The new update will bring three new arena battle guns that include two SMGs and one pistol.

    New Features in BGMI 1.6 update

    BGMI New 1.6 Update
    BGMI 1.6 update – image courtesy Facebook BGMI

    Other features- Unlimited supply of ammo in training grounds and improved durability of the SUV vehicle, activation of show route option, capturing of highlights, return of Vikendi Map, Infection mode, Payload 2.0.

    How to download BGMI 1.6 update on Android

    Step 1- Open the Google Play Store on your Android device and search for “Battlegrounds Mobile India.”

    Step 2- Once it opens, tap on the Update button and the download of BGMI 1.6 new update will then begin. Once updated, you will be able to check the new content.

    How to download BGMI 1.6 update on iOS

    Step 1- Open the App Store and then tap on the profile icon at the top of the screen.

    Step 2- Scroll down to check for pending updates

    Step 3- Then tap the Update option to update the game to its latest version.

    BGMI 1.6: Release time

    For Android devices (Google Play Store)- September 16, 2:30 PM – September 17, 3:30 PM

    For iOS (App Store)- September 17, 11 AM.


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