Olympics 2020: First-Ever Volleyball Gold for US Women

    US Women’s Volleyball team scripted history at Tokyo 2020. They defeated Brazil 🇧🇷 3-0 for the first-ever Olympic gold medal for U.S. women’s volleyball. It was JordanLarson10 with the final point that got them the gold at Tokyo2020

    US Women Volley Ball Team creats history at Tokyo 2020 winning the first ever gold

    While Team USA’s women’s hoops team added to its gold medal count, the United States’ women’s volleyball team got gold for the first time, defeating Brazil in a dominating three-set sweep.

    That win also vaulted the Americans past China in overall gold medal standings, which they clinched when Chinese boxer Li Quan lost her gold medal match to Great Britain’s Lauren Price.

    Andy Cruz (CUB) sees off Keyshawn Davis (USA)

    Andy Cruz (CUB) sees off Keyshawn Davis (USA)
    In the men’s lightweight final, Cuban Andy Cruz has won a split decision 4-1 in a tight final against Keyshawn Davis (USA).

    Cruz took the first round 4-1 before Davis won the second unanimously. The Cuban then finished it off in the third with a unanimous round of his own.


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