Atal Bridge, India’s Spectacular Architectural Marvel Opens Today

    The pedestrian-only Atal Bridge, which bears the name of the late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, will be officially opened by Prime Minister Narendra Modi soon after it has been built close to Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati Riverfront. The riverfront’s flower garden on the western end will be connected to the future arts and culture centre on the eastern end by a foot overbridge.

    “This bridge will provide connectivity to Multi Level Car Parking and various public development on East and West Bank from plaza between Flower Park and Event Ground at West Bank to proposed Art / Cultural / Exhibition Centre on East Bank,” a statement said.

    PM Modi will inaugurate the Atal Bridge on the first day of his two-day visit to Gujarat

    Atal Bridge
    The visual and technical marvel Atal Bridge to open today – PM Modi to inaugurate the foot over bridge today – image courtesy Narendra Modi twitter

    PM Modi says it is spectacular in his tweet

    The 300-metre-long bridge has an eye-catching design and LED lighting.
    The bridge is designed in such a way that people can approach it from both lower and upper walkways or promenades of the riverfront. Cyclists can also use this bridge to cross Sabarmati river.

    The Atal Bridge will allow people to view the riverfront from the middle of the waterbody.

    The foot overbridge has been built using 2,600 metric tonnes of steel pipes. While the roof is made up of colourful fabric, the railing has been built with glass and stainless steel.


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