Delhi Crime Season 2, more racy, and punchy than season 1

Delhi Crime Season 2 is brilliant, it is fast-paced, well shot, and suspenseful to keep you hooked to the episode one after another. In the first episode, we watch a horrific home invasion in a wealthy Delhi subdivision in which the perpetrators are masked and implacable as they pass under CCTV cameras. DCP Vartika is called in to find the criminals, and the actress Shefali Shah (tremendous in the role) seizes your attention.

Vartika is dead serious; highly respected by her subordinates, who call her “Madam Sir”; and clearly carrys her job with clinical precision and impeccable commmittment.

She has to keep the news of the home-invasion murders from leaking to the press (which immediately happens anyway) and drive her team to find the perpetrators before they strike again (which they soon do).

There is a dishonest investigator, a red herring plot involving unnotified tribe communities—a lower class in Delhi—and governmental pressure from the top to wrap things up cleanly (if unjustly). However, the characters and particulars keep you interested.

It is highly appreciable that the minute details in Delhi Crime Season 2 that are carefully noted, such as how suspects are detained and held by hand in Delhi—apparently not many people use handcuffs—which often results in suspects escaping jail.

Vartika’s subordinates also have endearingly human personalities, lightheartedly explored personal histories, and an air of formal dignity that encourages you to support them.

Despite having expensive shows like Sandman to promote, Netflix isn’t promoting this series in the United States, but it ought to. One of the top programmes on the site, it merits a large viewership. Dive in if you enjoy reading about international crime.

Delhi Crime Season 2 is just as punchy and racy as season 1. It is very absorbing and engaging from start to finish.

Directed by new entrant Tanuj Chopra, that assessing gaze is much less indulgent. The season 2 gets on to the job instantly, because it is a well bounded script. There’s no time wasted by way of introductions; we know the main characters, and because we were invested in them, we greet them like people we know.

Watch Delhi Crime Season 2, it is truly binge worthy


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