India’s Hunger for Coal Skyrocket with High Energy Demand

    India needs all of the fossil fuels as well as renewable energy to keep up with demand as the coal production is on a deficit mode. Latest reports are indicate that as India’s economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and the nation eases restrictions, the nation’s energy demand has skyrocketed rapidly, making India rush to import coal as their own production is short of expectations.

    While the rate of growth has slowed down considerably in recent years, the Indian population continues to increase. What’s more, each year more and more Indians are enjoying substantial disposable income and access to goods and services than ever before, driving up the the nation’s apetite for energy constantly.

    Coal India crossed 600 Million Tonnes plus production mark in successive years FY 2018-19 and FY 2019-20. Because of COVID 19 pandemic, Coal Sector suffered in FY 2020-21.

    Coal India produced 596.22 Million Tonnes (MTs) of coal in the just concluded Financial Year under challenging conditions, achieving 90% of the MoU Target. Offtake was 574.48 MT at a materialization of 87% against the target and overburden removal (OBR) was 1345.41 M Cum.

    39 mining projects of Coal India face delays

    “In fact, because India’s demographics are much younger compared to China and the US, India’s middle class could be the largest in the world (in terms of numbers of people) by 2025,” the Financial Express reported earlier this year.

    The energy and emissions from the Subcontinent has an enormous impact on the worldwide struggle against climate change at a time when global cooperation has never been more important to mitigate the worst impacts of global warming.

    According to data from India’s Central Electricity Authority, more than half of the 135 coal-fired plants were facing less than a week’s supply of coal before running out, and 50 plants had fewer than three days’ worth of fuel left. Six plants had already run out of coal entirely.

    Coal India Update 2021

    Image courtesy Minister of Coal and Mines India Twitter

    “India is the second largest importer of coal despite having the world’s fourth largest reserves, and coal powers over 70% of the country’s electricity demand,” Reuters reported this week. What’s more, “overall electricity generation rose 16.1% in August, while coal-fired power output rose 23.7% from a year earlier.”

    While the Indian government has been trying to cut down on coal imports, that aim has proven impossible as the economy — the third-largest in Asia — continues to expand. India primarily imports coal from Indonesia, Australia, and South Africa.

    Indian electricity markets benefited greatly earlier this year from the trade spat and unofficial coal boycott between Australia and China, buying up huge volumes of the discounted Australian coal initially intended for Chinese markets. But even those stockpiles are not enough to keep up with demand.


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