Made in Telangana eBazaar Gains Popularity with SME’s

    Made in Telangana eBazaar is the newfound destination for many aspiring young entrepreneurs, artisans, small businesses, medium enterprises in Telangana who want to sell their products on an eCommerce platform hassle-free. Its popularity is growing as it has become rewarding for many because of its sheer user interface. The UI of Made in Telangana digital mall makes it user-friendly and intuitive for users who are new to e-commerce. It is free to register and a commission-free platform.

    This eCommerce platform is an initiative by the Government of Telangana to support and help MSMEs, startups, entrepreneurs, and individuals from Telangana, the Government of Telangana has launched “Made in Telangana Online Mall” This digital mall will focus on made in Telangana products, like Pochampally sarees, Pearls, Bidri crafts, Warangal Durries, and many more Telangana specialized products. The popular categories include men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kids fashion, meat, and poultry, grocery, and beauty, healthcare.

    Made in Telangana
    Made in Telangana eBazaar to revolutionise online marketing or SME’s

    Made in Telangana Online Mall provide scommission-free services, thus, allowing the sellers to maximize their profits and increase their outreach without any middlemen involvement. The registration to get on board is free.

    Made in Telangana Mall helps sellers find and reach their buyers without any constraints

    Shri Jayesh Ranjan, Principal Secretary of the Industries & Commerce (I&C) and Information Technology (IT) Departments of the Telangana government said, “Entrepreneurship in Telangana has been going on for decades, there are a large number of entrepreneurs and also individuals with small business interests, who have great imagination, creativity, and wonderful products, but because of logistical constraints of commerce and trade, these products don’t reach beyond certain limits, for this reason, Telangana Government as initiated a digital mall with technology partner Globallinker to help these sellers find and reach their buyers without any constraints.

    We invite whoever is on the lookout to sell they’re Made in Telangana products can register for free and with no commission payouts at he added.

    The online Made in Telangana eBazaar was inaugurated by Minister for IT and Industries Shri. KT Rama Rao in early November has around 120 entrepreneurs and MSMEs onboard and getting ready to sell their products on this platform.

    The site will be open for the public and buyers to start their online shopping from January 2022.


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