Petrol and Diesel price in India today – Fuel 2021

    Petrol and Diesel consumers in India were in for another price hike shock as the Petrol and diesel prices shot up once again on Thursday. Petrol became costlier by 35 paise per litre, diesel rates went up by 15 paise after being reduced by 16 paise on Monday.

    Fuel Price in India constantly rising

    Despite the International Price of crude going down, the hike in prices of both fuels came as a surprise. International prices have gone south by around 2% over possibility of easing of supplies.

    Price rise has become a daily phenomena since several days. Fuel prices have been on a rise since the early parts of May and petrol rate, in particular, has seen a hike of ₹11.14 per litre over the past several weeks. Diesel rates in the same time frame have shot up by ₹9.14.

    In Delhi, a litre of petrol is now at ₹101.54 while a litre of diesel is at ₹89.97. Petrol prices now are well and truly north of ₹100 mark in the five metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru.


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