Anna Ben Sara’s movie is a beautiful heart filling film

    Anna Ben, who thrilled movie goers with her survival thriller ‘Helen’, has thrilled her fans once again with a stellar performance in her latest prime video release titled ‘Sara’s’.

    The movie revolves around two adorable school kids are sitting on a bench, sharing an egg puff and talking about their future together. While both of them approve to pursue a career, when the guy starts talking about marriage and kids, the girl outrightly shares her opinion of never wanting to bear a child.

    In the very next scene, we see the guy walking away while the girl narrates his thought – ‘Without the egg, he didn’t want the puff’. The Malayalam film Sara’s on Amazon Prime Video revolves around a woman, who decides early on that she doesn’t want kids and the struggles and challenges she comes across in life.

    Sara’s movie brings yet another brilliant movie of Anna Ben

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    Sara (Anna Ben) wants to be a filmmaker and her dream has always been to see her name in the credits roll. After assisting on several films, she finally wants to write and direct her own film. During research for her film’s climax scene with Dr Sandhya Philip (Dhanya Verma), she meets Jeevan (Sunny Wayne). The two enjoy each other’s company, fall in love, but what seals the deal for Sara is Jeevan’s belief that he never wants kids.

    After marriage, just like everyone’s parents, Sara and Jeevan’s also ask the newlywed couple about the ‘good news’, but they both stand united and announce that they don’t want kids. But as the film progresses, we see the lead characters evolving and maturing with age and what once brought them together also drives them apart.

    Jude Anthany Joseph’s Sara’s shows a mirror to society and its beliefs when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood. Though we all agree that a woman should have the freedom to decide when she is ready to have a child, family and society, in general, pressurises her when the time comes. How Sara struggles with these challenges while standing her ground forms the crux of the narrative.

    It is a simple film but it does stirs you, Sara Vincent was always clear that she never wanted kids, and her dream was to be a filmmaker. Love, life and wedding happen, and with them come the inevitable – societal pressure to conform. How does she deal with it?

    Mallika Sukumaran (Jeevan’s mother) and Benny P Nayarambalam (Sara’s father) deliver noteworthy performances, depicting two polar-opposite perspectives. While Jeevan’s mother is overbearing with a conventional mindset, Sara’s father is understanding, supportive and will stand by his daughter, no matter what. Sara’s gynaecologist, Dr Hafees (Sidhique), also beautifully narrates how parents should take some time before taking the plunge into parenthood. He believes that it is ‘better not to be a parent than a bad parent’.

    Interestingly, Vineeth and his wife Divya rendered voice for a song in the movie. The song starts ‘Varavayi Nee’ will mark Divya’s debut as a playback singer.

    Sara’s is streaming on Amazon Prime Video


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