Fans “Celebrating Success of BBB3”, Siddharth Shukla creates big euphoria

    Celebrating Success of BBB3 is trending and why not , as Siddharth Shukla’s Fans are celebrating the success of Broken But Beautiful Show on TV. They all are super excited about the success of BBB3 – the trending topic now on social media is “Celebrating Success of BBB3” – Broken But Beautiful. The actor Siddharth Shukla on the other hand is must be super elated.

    Fans – Celebrating the success of BBB3

    Here are the fans comments Celebrating Success of BBB3

    Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee-starrer Broken But Beautiful 3 premiered on ALTBalaji on May 29. The web series, marks Sidharth’s digital debut, and turned out be a super hit on TV. Fans are going gaga over Sidharth’s performance and his chemistry with Sonia. The actor also took to social media to thank his fans for all the love.

    Joining the ongoing celebration his fans haven’t stopped praising the show and their actor. A fan wrote on social media – Destiny of hard work is always success You have done hard work shown huge dedication & passion. May this success lead to greater achievement in the years to come . Congratulations @sidharth_shukla This word seems to small on your passion.#SidharthShukla

    Another fan wrote @sidharth_shukla as AgastyaRao was Epic. He once again proved why he is called one of the ITVs FINEST ACTOR ❤️

    Siddharth Shukla BBB3 celebrating success of BBB3 – courtesy twitter

    From knowing @sidharth_shukla is going to be a part of #BBB3, watching the series after a long wait with excitement& nervousness,from being a blockbuster to this celebration, What an amazing journey we #SidHearts have. This journey will be spcl frevr – wrote another super excited fan.

    The series truly continues to rule the hearts of people. The BBB3 series turned out to be the biggest hit of this year. The series continue to break records. Everything has become a reality and here we are celebrating this success says a fan.

    As we are CELEBRATING SUCCESS OF BBB3, we feel kind of emotional as to how this whole series came to life. From hearing a rumor about Sidharth doing a web-series to actually celebrating it’s success feels surreal. Long way to go ^_^

    Celebrating Success of BBB3

    Image courtesy BBB3 – Broken But Beautiful twitter

    The applause does not stop as another fan writes Time to celebrate the success of a series that is no less than a ‘Perfection’ to me. From storyline to actor’s prodigious acting, everything is just perfect and on point.

    We cried a lot watching #BBB3 because @sidharth_shukla you were in pain in many scenes despite knowing it was just a story & acting but after the success of the series & seeing the love and admiration you are getting. We are proud & happy. We are lucky fans says a fan of Siddharth Shukla and BBB3


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