Farhan Todun Taak from Toofan is a viral hit

    Toofan Todun Taak is creating a huge buzz after the film maker Rakeysh Omprakash released the The first song of his sports drama Toofaan, titled Todun Taak. It highlights the rigorous training undergone by Farhan Akhtar’s character, Aziz Ali, to become a boxing champion.

    At the beginning of the play button of the video, Mrunal Thakur’s character offers Farhan Akhtar’s character two options — to remain local goon Ajju Bhai or become celebrated boxer Aziz Ali. As he chooses the latter, the clip shows the rigorous training he undergoes, under the tutelage of Paresh Rawal’s character.

    Todun Taak is composed by Dub Sharma, with vocals and lyrics by D’Evil. It is the first of the six songs from Toofaan to release online.

    Todun Taak song a huge hit

    Sharing the song on Twitter, Farhan and Mrunal wrote, “Ek ki nahin, ye un sab ki kahani hai jinhone zindagi mein na rukne ki thaani hain (This is the story of all those people who are determined to never stop). #TodunTaak song out now.”

    Todun Taak Courtesy Farhan Twitter

    The trailer of Toofan released on Wednesday. The film revolves around Farhan’s character Aziz Ali and his journey to becoming a boxing champion from the streets of Dongri. However, he is tainted by a scandal and gets banned from the ring for five years. The film also shows how he makes a successful comeback.

    Farhan said that everyone has been guilty of judging others and putting them into a box, on the basis of factors such as race, religion or even the level of their education. “We have all been guilty. But Toofan tries to change that notion. It tells us that a person can be much more beyond those. These things can give us a broad idea, but if we really want to try and read someone, it cannot be such a broad, generic set group. It is important to take the time to understand that person individually, to form an opinion about someone,” he said.


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