Meet 2 Dog Parents Working to Bridge the Animal-Human Bond in India

    apawfive is an initiative by 2 Dog Parents in New Delhi, the capital city of India, Nishant and Kamna. The duo are dog parents to five – Cross (13), Tallulah (7), Mishka (4), Clara (3), and Blaze (2). The pair comes with an experience of more than five years in rescuing, adopting, and raising dogs.

    In addition to their pack of five, Nishant and Kamna also involve themselves in the well-being and health of ten stray dogs in their area.

    Nishant and Kamna started apawfive with the intention to share their experiences – successes and failures – with dog and animal lovers around the world.

    From noticing several misconceptions surrounding dogs from a few years ago, to helping people mitigate their hostility, the pair noticed a significant improvement in the treatment and understanding of dogs in their area since their involvement.

    This positive change encouraged the pair to reach a larger audience through various digital platforms, primarily YouTube and Instagram.

    Introduced to the happiness of adoptions through Mishka, Tallulah, and Cross, abandoned by their former families, Nishant and Kamna started to realize the long-term repercussions of abandonment as well.

    Bringing a Dog Home Watch This Video says the Dog Parents Duo who founded Apawfive

    Their video on YouTube, ‘Bringing a Dog Home? Watch This First!’ addresses key points on the responsibility and commitment involved in bringing pets home.

    The pair felt urged to tackle this issue after realizing that 50% of pets, adopted or brought home since the pandemic-induced lockdown, have since been abandoned (in India) with the world slowly returning to normal.

    The message behind the video was to ask tough questions before bringing a pet home, to prevent abandonment from impulse pet adoptions or purchases.

    apawfive Initiatives

    Dog Parents Apawfive
    Apawfive – aims to tackle a wide array of topics to better develop Bonding between people – animals

    Nishant and Kamna also wish for apawfive to become a community for responsible pet parents and animal lovers. With videos such as ‘A Deaf Dog’s Eccentricities’ addressing their challenges and delight in raising a deaf dog to a ‘A Healthy Red Velvet Cake Recipe for Dogs’, the pair is resolved on tackling a wide array of topics to better develop the bond between people and animals.

    apawfive intends to explore and discuss topics such as healthcare in dogs, dog food – packaged and home-cooked, keeping general hygiene in a home with pets, stray dogs care, the legal and constitutional rights of dog parents in India, rescue missions, adoptions, and much more.


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