Nani’s Tuck Jagadish is a Good Festive Family Entertainment

    Nani’s Tuck Jagadish is a good wholesome festive entertainment for an entire family with loads of action, drama and whistle blowing scenes. Nani’s movie delivers it promise of being an emotional funful family entertainer.

    The movie has a nice script recipe blending the right amount of emotions, conflicts, an enjoyable massy moments and whistle blowing one-liners. What adds to the film overall entertainment is the cast, with each actor delivering to their fullest potential.

    Tuck Jagadish Review: Its Funfull , Nani delivers his classic punch

    Tuck Jagadish Movie Review: It is full of fun and whistle moments – Image courtesy Tuck Jagadish

    The film revolves around the family bonding facing several challenges; authoritative men who make the decisions in the family and the women who prefer to be totally immersed in domestic work.

    In the hour of crisis a mother struggles to choose between her own son and stepson. The only woman who has a clout of her own is Jagadish’s love interest, Gummadi Varalakshmi, a village revenue officer. The family members otherwise fight over lands, false egos, only to come together again.

    The comic relief in Tuck Jagadish comes in the form of the underplayed romance between two equals, Jagadish and Varalakshmi. Varalakshmi isn’t reduced to a vivacious caricature, like most female leads in Telugu films, and the couple’s cute little tiffs make for pleasant viewing.

    The director has managed to grip the audience with a interesting twist timed for the intermission and urging the audience to get back to their seats soon. The second hour is huge dose of super action and family sentiments with an assured happy ending. The action choreography is indeed unique at times.

    Tuck Jagadish is packaged for Nani to show his signature style and acting persona, like tucking his shirt with style before he breaks into a fight, crashing into an action scene on a 4 wheeler, delivering punch lines and over indulging in blood bath.

    Watch Nani in Tuck Jagadish, you will love it

    Tuck Jagadish is an emotional family entertainer that delivers what Nani’s fans and audience would expect from a film that stars the popular actor. Watch it if you love him and for some good family moments.


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