Tom Ellis – The Lucifer Season 6 Starts This Friday

    Tom Ellis Lucifer Season 6 premieres on this Friday and fans are super excited. Netflix is starting the Indian Festive season with Lucifer starting today. We have the final season of the much-anticipated Netflix show hitting our screens on Friday, September 10.

    Tom Ellis once again in Lucifer Season 6 steps into the shoes of Lucifer Morningstar with his love interest detective Chloe, played by Lauren German, by his side.

    The upcoming season features Lucifer’s confidante lieutenant Maze aka Mazikeen of the Lilim. The character is played by Lesley-Ann Brandt. This binge-watch season was worth the wait. Here is a quick recap of what all has happened so far? Let’s take a look:

    Netflix Lucifer Final Season streams from Friday ( Today )

    Let’s begin. “Oh my me,” – Lucifer is now the “God”. Remember when he picked the “Flaming Sword” and cut off his twin-brother Michael’s wings? Well, it’s hard to forget.

    Recap of Lucifer Season

    Lucifer finally confessed his feelings for Chloe. That scene when Lucifer gave her the ring and said the golden words, “I choose you, Chloe…because I love you” made us cry. Were you weeping too?

    Lucifer Final Season starts on September 10 2021

    Lucifer Final season – image courtesy Lucifer Trailer

    This one is for those who haven’t seen a single episode yet. Lucifer, then the Hord of Hell, was banished by his father, “God”. Lucifer then found a place for himself in Los Angeles, US, and opened a nightclub.

    We saw “God”, played by Dennis Haysbert, for the first time in Season 5. He came down to planet Earth to spend some time with his children. During the course of his stay, “God” had decided to retire, leaving his children to fight for the throne.

    Lucifer’s mother, Charlotte, followed “God” to Earth after she was sent to hell. She wanted to take revenge for what God had done. Actress Tricia Helfer played the character on screen.

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