Neetu Chandra: A failure story of a successful actor

    Actor Neetu Chandra, made a startling revelations about her difficult period and tough life in the film industry. Neetu who has worked in films like Garam Masala recently revealed that she was offered Rs 25 lakh to become a businessman’s “salaried wife”.

    The actor Neetu Chandra shared, “Having worked with 13 National award winners and in such big films, today I have no work. I was told by a big businessman that he will give me Rs 25 lakh per month and that I have to become his salaried wife. I neither have money nor work. I have become worried. I feel unwanted here after doing so much work.”

    Neetu Chandra offered Rs. 25 Lakhs to become a salaried wife

    Neetu Chandra
    Neetu Chandra stunning revelation – image courtesy Neetu Chandra instagram

    Neetu also shared that a big casting director from Bollywood once rejected her only an hour after auditioning her which made her question his intentions. “A casting director, who is quite famous but I don’t want to take their name, told me within an hour of the audition, ‘I am really sorry Neetu, this is not working out.’ You literally audition me to reject me so that you can kill my confidence,” she said.

    In another part of the interview, Chandra broke into tears and questioned if the worth of someone’s work is appreciated only after their death. When the interviewer asked if suicidal thoughts have crossed her mind, she replied in the affirmative.

    In October 2021, Neetu Chandra had spoken to about her Hollywood debut Never Back Down – Revolt. She told us, “Being a Blackbelt 4th Dan in Taekwondo, I was confident about this role. I was prepared for the hardcore action sequences and chose to do them myself without any body doubles. I rehearsed for hours to perfect the sequences. The film sees me doing different forms of martial arts, especially Taekwondo. As an actor, we always aspire to do something new, and this was my shot at it.”

    In a chat with Bollywood Hungama, Chandra said that her story is a “failure story of a successful actor”.


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