Now, 111 Million Fans Play Squid Game, With No More Prank Calls

    Netflix Squid Game, is a huge hit as it announced on 13th October today that they have officially touched the 111 million user mark will now be edited to remove phone numbers from the show to block prank calls.

    The OTT platform realized that the numbers shown in the show led to actual people. What followed the airing of the show was a series of prank calls made to these numbers.

    Today, “Squid Game has officially reached 111 million fans — making it our biggest series launch ever!” Netflix posted on Twitter.

    In the Squid Game’s trailer, including few scenes from the show, illustrate a card with a phone number on it. While the producer’s of the show never imagined that this was an actual number, fans of the show were quick to grab it down and start making prank phone calls.

    According to a phone owner who was at the receiving end of the prank calls has said that he’s been receiving prank calls ever since the show became a hit. Additionally, several other people have also come forward saying they’ve been receiving phone calls from fans of the show.

    Squid Game is a Korean Drama that has shot to fame as it details the journey of a few players stuck in a sadistic game. That’s really all we can say without giving spoilers.

    This is the first Korean Show to sit on the number one spot in the US, as far as Netflix’s charts are concerned. Now, Netflix is going to edit out all phone numbers in the show so that fans can stop calling the poor individuals at the other end.

    Squid Game has 111 million fans now, will be pranks calls free

    Squid Game
    Squid Game has now 111 million fans, edits the show to stop prank calls

    Hit South Korean show Squid Game has officially become Netflix’s biggest original series launch, the streaming service said on Wednesday. The nine-part thriller, in which cash-strapped contestants play children’s games with deadly consequences in a bid to win 45.6 billion won ($38 million), has become a worldwide sensation for Netflix since its launch less than a month ago.

    The dystopian drama Squid Game has inspired countless memes, Halloween costumes of the ubiquitous green tracksuits worn by contestants and real world recreations of the various games. It has also sparked a debate within South Korea about toxic competitive societies and prompted new interest in the country’s culture and language around the world.


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