Undekhi 2 Review: It is a Good Dekho Thriller

    Undekhi 2 Review: The new season is a thriller well done, and took off from where the season one ended on a high. But this season may not be as thrilling as the first one but it does give you thrills at the finale. The 10 episode series is directed by Ashish R Shukla.

    The series revolved around true incidents and depicted the two sides of the society – the power-possessed influential people who think they can get away with anything and the suppressed who are subjected to torture and finally decide to bring themselves to justice.

    Harsh Chhaya remains the soul of the series and continues to be entertaining despite his rather repetitive antics. A teetotaller in real life, Harsh Chhaya continues to light up every scene he is in with his unapologetic attitude. The series boasts of impressive performances by almost everyone, including the terror that model-turned actor Surya Sharma inspires.

    Apeksha Porwal as Koyal and Meiyang Chang as Abhaya add a dose of action but fail to save the story that almost derails by the end. Meanwhile, Dibyendu Bhattacharya’s powerful presence is wasted in the second season. As the focus moves to Papaji’s rival Samarth (played by Nandish Sandhu), the soul of the series is somewhere lost in shuttling trucks and an endless business gambit.

    Undekhi 2, also comes with a small dose of humour. Its interesting to see how rich women, who don’t bat an eyelid while listening to filthy swearing or the chatter about murders, try to appear polished and pristine in front of a new daughter-in-law

    The cinematography is done by Murzy Pagadiwala. Whereas, the music is composed by Anuj Danait and Shivam Sengupta. With the release, fans have been reviewing the series while giving their takes on the same.

    Undekhi 2 Review: A good OTT weekend entertainer

    Director Ashish R Shukla succeeds in holding this irrevocably immoral world of characters together. A lot of the times in the 9 episodes we see characters on the run from eventual death. Whether it is the tribal girl Koel(Apeksha Porwal) or the slimy blackmailer Timma(Diwakar Jha) they inhabit a dark dreadful world with no way out.

    Undekhi 2‘ core issue of a police inspector Ghosh(Dibyendu Bhattacharya) trying to save a tribal girl from a filthy rich family has a kind of contextual resonance that doesn’t get worn in repetition.

    Undekhi 2 Review
    Undekhi 2 review – image courtesy trailer

    One of the Twitter user wrote, “Everything was just fabulous and mind-blowing.” Another excited user wrote, “One of the best web series is back with its second season and looks amazing.” A third user chimed in and wrote, “ Applause Entertainment’s next Undekhi2 is a must-watch for all. ”Another user wrote, “Starts slow but later.. bang on. What a FINALE. The Factory scene was absolutely FIRE.”

    Undekhi 2‘ has some glaring plotholes—for example, when the two on-the-run journalists Saloni and Shaswat get locked in a truck in a dangerous factory, they announce their presence when they hear a noise outside. Why wouldn’t two people in grave danger just hide until the truck drives out into safety?


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