Why Ranbir Kapoor took the Spotlight at RRR Trailer Launch?

    One will wonder why Ranbir Kapoor was hogging the limelight at the RRR Trailer Launch in Mumbai. His name cropped up when Alia Bhatt was asked during the lauch Alia Bhatt’s that if the letter “R” is a lucky charm for her.

    Alia Bhatt, who is courting actor Ranbir Kapoor, blushed and took a moment to think before responding to the question.

    RRR Trailer Launch , Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt Affair took center stage

    ranbir kapoor
    RRR Trailer Launched in Mumbai – image courtesy Alia Bhatt instagram

    Alia Bhatt blushed while admitting that the letter R ( Ranbir Kapoor ) is a ‘lucky factor’ for her During the trailer launch of their next film RRR, Alia, SS Rajamouli, Ajay Devgn, and Jr NTR interacted with the media.

    “I’m at a loss. I don’t have an answer since I don’t have a paas jawaab (I don’t have a paas jawaab). I’m attempting to be as intelligent as possible. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have a good response.”

    “Ji, R is a beautiful alphabet, but so is A,” she says, nodding. Cheers and boos erupt from the audience.

    Rajamouli, Ajay Devgn, Jr NTR, and others were on stage with Bhatt.


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