Vera Introduces Revolutionary Emergency Medicine Delivery System

    In the near future, Emergency Medicine Delivery System will be highly technology enabled and will be replaced with intelligent ones. These New Life saving Intelligence systems developed by Vera Smart Healthcare will be able to sense a patient’s health, communicate with care providers and dispense medication at the right time. These new systems are set to revolutionize medical care in a number of ways.

    With a high volume of patients in hospitals, it is difficult for doctors and nurses to provide one-on-one care for every patient. That is why it is so important that hospital beds can autonomously detect and respond to signs of distress in their patients. This way, patients receive the care they need when they need it without human intervention.

    It was right around the festival time of October 2020 when there was a semi-lockdown in progress with limited access to transportation and medical services. Startup Vera Smart Health Care mobile buses were introduced at the NIMS Government hospital with inventive screening technology for Covid-19.

    Easing the pressure across hospital and in addition a small complimentary hospitality service was installed to help elderly, unaffordable or rural patient attenders procure prescribed medicines from internal hospital pharmacy which was located in a very unidentified complex location, was the need of the hour.

    New Life Saving AI ( Artificial Intelligence) is Revolutionizing Critical Medical Care, Saving Lives with Smarter Medicine Delivery

    Vera Launches New Medicine Delivery System

    The healthcare has been under increasing pressure during the pandemic. The service now needs to provide healthcare facilities for millions of people, including several million who are now in hospitals for medical care others than SarsCov2.

    “When a patient needs an emergency medicine, the pharmacist will not always be present. On one such occasion, an attendant couldn’t find an emergency medicine in the hospital pharmacy and didn’t know any other pharmacies nearby which might surely hold the stock.” says Dharma Teja Nukarapu, FounderCEOVera Smart Healthcare

    VERA AI technology enables auto-order of critical medicines and New ICU bed / facilities

    Emergency medicine is a demanding field with critical timeframes. It can be tough for doctors to prioritize the needs of their patients when they are bombarded with incoming emergencies. This is why it is crucial for hospitals to make sure that the doctors know about any new serious emergencies as soon as they happen.

    Sadly, the duress during the pandemic has costed the life of patients and this was simply not just the case of medicine not available but a deep disconnect of medical supply chain with the criticality of patient’s health in the region.

    The correlation between availability and affordability plays a great role to achieve great patient outcome with affordable cost. Healthcare is a long-term commitment and needs to be taken care of with the utmost care. The first step to achieve this is by getting the right technological solution to ease the problem.

    VERA’s AI help ICU to have access to credible supportive health information

    As most patients don’t have access to credible information or knowledge to balance the correlation in complex situations. And only extreme Artificial Intelligence can solve this problem, given a user friendliness system and in fact handsfree system.

    We started few proofs of concepts by creating a system to equip an ICU bed/facility with technology (hands free) and connect it to all the medical providers in a considerable radius of hospitals. The system has access to complete stock information of medical providers and also complete health information of critical patients. Dharma says

    The system will send predicted emergency medicine orders to finalise availability, distance, price & delivery or every individual critical patient. This ensure that critical patients receive life-saving medicines quickly and efficiently with no human error.

    Proactively, based on the criticality of patient, an auto order confirmation will be given to make sure the best priced emergency medicine is delivered at the right time reducing operation burden on the patient and the hospital.

    Solving this problem will help hundreds if not thousands of people and is worth the investment. The New Vera’s Life Saving AI System not only delivers medicine to critically-ill patients, but also helps providers manage medical inventory efficiently. Hospitals also find it easier to operate with the system which reduces hospital operational complexities, leading to reduced medical mismanagement.

    We want to provide solutions to health access problems for anyone, no matter what their lifestyle or the complexity of the medical situation. So far, our innovations like cord testing units and mobile ICUs are just a few of our popular products.

    For the proof of concept, Fellow is providing the technology assistance and D$ INC is providing fund assistance.

    The advent of digitization has led to the evolution of everything from business models to customer experience. For healthcare, this move towards digitization is primarily about improving patient care. The foundation for this transformation is the way medication is managed in several countries across the globe

    The Introduction of Smart pharmacy division (Vera’s groups) has enabled an individual’s medications to be tracked, managed, and dispensed with the goal of improving compliance and preventing adverse events.

    Clinicians and pharmacies of the world are always exploring ways to beating the convention and embrace new technology platforms that will ease healthcare management at all levels.

    The present innovation by Vera Smart pharmacy division addresses the ever-challenging patient medication management by enabling digital health profile maintenance, smart healthcare real-time tracking, artificial intelligence, and data analysis over existing pharmacy infrastructures.

    The smart healthcare platform developed by Vera Smart Healthcare has a database of Patient’ health profiles and is updated as soon as the patient registers or sign-up on Vera healthcare platform. Patients and pharmacies are required to sign-up or register to utilize these smart technologies.

    Every registered patient can avail medical services and home medical services instantaneously. The service categories offer Emergency, Periodic health check-ups, Medical Therapies, Health Recovery, and home nursing care besides other healthcare support services.

    To avail the services a patient can simply upload the prescription to the Vera’s Smart healthcare platform, using technology these prescriptions are digitally transcribed. During any necessary health treatment, the patient will be monitored using Smart technology devices such as

    • Smart Vital Monitoring Device, “Band-Aid” for monitoring heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, SPO2, etc.
    • Smart Medication Monitoring Device, “Label” for monitoring prescribed drugs, Pills and syrups/tonics, etc.  

    Ongoing medication and health condition of patient is monitored through the hospitals where Vera has its tie-up.

    Medical requirement of the patient, each prescription, and respective medications are delivered to the patient by considering the factors as but not limited to Economical options, Convenience (pickup and delivery from the nearest source) Reliable sources (registered and verified).

    Furthermore, all the registered and participating pharmacy profiles are digitally profiled based on geolocations and medication profiles. Pharmacies are also profiled based on proximity to patients’ home locations and hospital/medical service locations.

    Based on a patient’s cumulative health profile, health condition, active prescriptions, and actively availed medical services, pharmacies are notified on the type of relevant medical inventory to be stocked for immediate deliveries whenever needed.

    Upon confirmation of a prescription fulfillment, pharmacies will initiate their fulfillment capabilities to the Smart Healthcare platform. Orders are reviewed in the following categories before confirming a medication fulfillment as fast delivery options, best cost-effective, alternative medications available, and Lowest total prescription order cost.

    The ‘Smart Medication management and fulfillment’ system plays a key role in enabling bidding for a “drug” for pharmacies.

    When the need for a prescription medication arrives for a patient, using the aforementioned analysis of the patient’s historic health condition and active treatments (with medical smart devices), the Smart Healthcare bidding platform would prioritize fulfilment by notifying the participants of “registered pharmacy marketplace”. Then the pharmacies which are interested in fulfilling the orders would place their bids for the prescription, upon reviewing their current inventories.

    Case Studies

    A subscriber at VERA’s Healthcare service, is continuously monitored through smart medical devices to assess the improvement or deterioration of one’s health condition, and the Smart Healthcare platform analyses probable outcomes and be ready for any medical assistance and situation.

    Smart Healthcare platform would also notify all pharmacies who are registered with VERA to stock up prescription drugs based on probable health outcomes of the patients. This allows the pharmacies to be proactively prepared to deliver a prescription on time to assist the patient in need.

    After a thorough monitoring of the patient by the assigned doctor’s suggestions, the Smart Healthcare platform finalizes the prescription type to be delivered to the patient.

    The VERA registered pharmacies are now notified to place bids for the proposed drug(s). Pharmacies are expected to consider the best alternative medication, if prescribed medicine is not available, the lowest total cost and the fastest delivery options will be shown before placing a bid to the patient or patient attenders.

    Upon reviewing of bids, the Smart Healthcare platform analyses and confirms the best bid and approves the pharmacy to fulfil the order. When the order is ready for pickup and delivery, the drug / medication is subsequently provided to the patient.

    VERA’s effective technology-oriented process, enables the patient to be rest assured of being provided economical, reliable, and convenient medication supply, on the other hand the pharmacies are equipped with information on what kind of drug(s) to expect thus reducing the inventory costs.


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