Remembering Salim Durrani: A Cricket Legend and Ultimate Entertainer

    Indian cricket legend, Salim Durrani, passed away on April 2, 2023, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered by cricket enthusiasts for years to come. Born on December 28, 1934, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Durrani moved to India in his early years and became an iconic cricketer of his time. He was a flamboyant all-rounder who played a pivotal role in India’s triumph in the 1971 Test series against England.

    The news of Salim Durrani’s passing has come as a shock to the cricketing world, with tributes pouring in from all corners. The Indian cricket fraternity is mourning the loss of one of its greatest players. Former Indian captain and legendary batsman, Sunil Gavaskar, described Durrani as “a very fine cricketer” and “a great human being.”

    Durrani was known for his aggressive batting style and his ability to pick wickets at crucial moments. His performances with both bat and ball earned him the nickname ‘Bhura’ (brown) for his ability to turn a match in India’s favor. In the 1971 Test series against England, Durrani played a crucial role in India’s historic victory, scoring 250 runs and taking 18 wickets. His all-round performances helped India win the series 1-0 and established him as one of the finest cricketers of his generation.

    Apart from his cricketing exploits, Salim Durrani was also known for his larger-than-life persona. He was a movie star in the making, having acted in several Bollywood films, including the hit movie ‘Sholay.’ His charismatic personality and good looks made him a popular figure both on and off the field.

    Reflecting on Durrani’s life, former Indian cricketer, Dilip Vengsarkar, said, “There can’t be another Salim Durrani. He was the ultimate entertainer, a flamboyant cricketer, and a nice guy.” Vengsarkar’s sentiments were echoed by many in the cricketing fraternity, who remembered Durrani as a great cricketer and an even better person.

    Salim Durrani’s contribution to Indian cricket will be remembered for years to come. His flamboyant style of play and larger-than-life persona made him a hero to many. As India mourns his passing, it is worth reflecting on the impact that he had on the game of cricket and the nation as a whole. Durrani will always be remembered as a true legend of Indian cricket.

    Salim Durrani Famous Quotes by colleagues

    Sunil Gavaskar: “Salim Durrani was a very fine cricketer and a great human being.”
    Dilip Vengsarkar: “There can’t be another Salim Durrani. He was the ultimate entertainer, a flamboyant cricketer, and a nice guy.”

    Rajdeep Sardesai : the one and only Prince Salim of Indian cricket.. my late father’s life-long ‘roomie’ on a historic tour of 1971, who could bat with a sixes swagger and bowl like a magician .. Salim Durrani.


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