Sonali Phogat news of passing is perplexing, sister calls for a CBI probe

    After BJP politician and social media influencer Sonali Phogat passed away in Goa the day after, her sister Raman sought for a CBI investigation into her sister’s’mysterious’ passing, alleging that Sonali was in excellent health and had no medical issues.

    “She won’t experience a heart attack. By CBI, we seek a thorough probe. She having a heart attack is not something my family is ready to embrace. She didn’t have this medical condition, “Raman told a leading news agency

    Sonali Phogat called another sister, Rupesh, the night before she passed away, according to agency. “She said that something odd was going on and that she wanted to talk over WhatsApp. However, she cut off the conversation and did not answer “She spoke.

    She was pronounced dead by a Goa Hospital on Tuesday, and the Goa Police filed a case of unnatural death. Police claimed she had a heart attack earlier. The suspicion of foul play has already been expressed by Sonali’s family members, who also noted that Sonali was not feeling well after her dinner on Monday.

    The National Commission for Women has established a two-person fact-finding team in response to Sonali’s death. Rekha Sharma, the commission’s chair, wrote to the Goa DGP to advise him of the commission’s actions and to provide a copy of the postmortem report.

    Sonali Phogat reportedly travelled to Goa for a shooting. She was a hotel guest. She complained of feeling uneasy to her family members on Monday night as she spoke to them, and they urged her to see a doctor right away. Her passing was announced to her family on Tuesday morning, along with the fact that she had suffered a heart attack.


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