MS Dhoni reveals a new brand endorsement, kills the suspense

    MS Dhoni eased the tension that he created on Facebook which had his admirers wondering what their beloved cricketer would share was finally put to rest. The news is MS Dhoni appeared in a brand-new advertising for a biscuit company.

    MS Dhoni announced on Facebook that he would be revealing fantastic news to his supporters on September 25.

    Dhoni announced on Facebook that he would be revealing fantastic news to his supporters on September 25.

    MS Dhoni breaks his silence over Facebook Post

    Dhoni brought a reporter to the platform during an occasion and informed him that India had won the World Cup the year the biscuit brand was introduced. The ex-Indian cricketer continued, “This year, there is another World Cup. India can win the Cup once more if the cookie brand can relaunch.

    “I’m bringing 2011 again because to create history, we need to recreate history.”

    Dhoni is widely regarded as one of the best wicket-keepers in the world. He led India to three ICC trophies – 2007 T20 World Cup, 2011 ODI World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy. Dhoni, who made his India in 2004, represented the nation in 350 ODIs, 98 T20Is and 90 Tests and scored 17,266 runs across all formats.

    Even though MS Dhoni is renowned for maintaining his cool both on and off the field, the former Indian cricketer recently explained why he never loses his temper when playing. He claimed that, at the end of the day, he is also a human, thus he makes an effort to regulate his emotions.

    Recently, while speaking on Livfast, Dhoni said that he first tries to get into the shoes of fellow players to understand why they dropped a catch or why they misfielded. “Getting angry does not help matters. There are already 40,000 people watching from the stands and crores of people watching the match (on TV, streaming platforms). I had to see what the reason was (for fielding lapses).

    “If a player is 100 per cent attentive on the ground and he misses a catch despite that, I don’t have a problem. Of course, I also want to see how many catches he took during practice before that.. if he had a problem somewhere and he is making efforts to get better or not. I used to focus on all these aspects instead of focusing on whether a catch was dropped. Maybe we lost a game because of that, but the effort was always to try to step into their shoes.”

    In December 2014, Dhoni declared his retirement from Test cricket. He left his position as leader of the Indian T20I and ODI teams in 2017 after three years. On August 15, 2020, the wicketkeeper-batter announced his retirement from international cricket, leaving his supporters inconsolable. He did, however, continue to play for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL and announced that he would participate in the 2023 IPL during the just-completed 2022 season.


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