What are the famous nicknames of Leo Messi ?

    Leo Messi is great footballer, a legend and a striker that most teams admire. His popularity world wide also got him, the most famous being “The Goat”. Another is La Pulga, which translates to “the flea” in Spanish, is one of Messi’s most well-known monikers of the legendary football star.

    Since he was a little child, Leo Messi has gone by this nickname. It is believed that two of his older brothers gave him the nickname “La Pulgita” (small flea), which became “La Pulga.”

    The nickname was given to the native of Rosario since he wasn’t one of the tallest kids on the field. Messi actually had growth hormone imbalance, or GHD, for which Barcelona helped pay for therapy.

    He was also known as “La Pulga Atomica” (the atomic flea) by some in the Spanish media because he always had the explosive ability to take on defenders.

    In fact, Leo Messi has the upper-body power to match his opponents physically in confrontations, and his quick feet allow him to thrive at dribbling. He also has a low centre of gravity because of his height, which makes it easier for him to maintain balance while dribbling or sprinting with the ball.

    Which other nicknames (s) does Messi go by?

    Messi has quite a few nicknames other than being known as ‘La Pulga’. He is fondly called Leo, a shortened form of his full first name that is informally used by football figures, teammates, and pundits alike.

    It is also supposed that Messi may have been named after singer Lionel Richie, who has produced some immortal tracks like “Hello” and Truly”. His fans also refer to him as the “Messiah”, as he has rescued many Barcelona and Argentina teams at their hour of need.


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