Wimbledon 2021 introduces unisex towels for the first time

    For the first time, Wimbledon has introduced unisex towels for its players for the first time in history taking another step towards getting rid of gender inequality.

    According to the Wimbledon website which shared the “Breaking News“, all players, male and female, will receive both the classic version of the official towel in All England Club colours of green and purple and the seasonal towel in golden yellow and blue.

    Previously, men would get the classic model while a softer coloured seasonal towel was reserved for the female players, like the pink and turquoise towels they got in 2019. However, this year, “there is no gender specificity”. Several players are overjoyed simply over the fact that they will be getting the much sought after “complete set”.

    According to the sources, “We were looking at tradition and wondering why it was a tradition. It’s one of the few sports where they are genuinely equal.” While adding that this was a move for progress and that the players did not have any preference for any particular colour any more.

    This is another step taken by Wimbledon to get rid of genderisms, and this will be one of the last male/female distinctions to go. Back in 2019 they stopped the practice of announcing scores in women’s matches with the titles ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’. The All England Lawn Tennis Club said they wanted to “move with the times” and “achieve consistency” between genders.

    Traditionally, the classic model was reserved for the men’s draws and the softer-hued seasonal option for the women. This year there is no gender specificity. To the enthralment of many players who in previous years sought out “the complete set”, both towels will be in play for each competitor at every match.

    Acquiring both versions was a tricky pursuit, often a frantic scramble, for the 50 per cent of players who go out in the first round.

    Andy Murray earned applause from Daniel Ashmore, Retail Operations & Buying Manager at the All England Club, as he set about the telegenic business of being the focus of attention on Centre Court on Day 1 with one of each of his towels slung over both shoulders. Talk about product placement!

    Even in the euphoria of victory over Stefanos Tsitsipas, Frances Tiafoe scurried purposefully back to the towel rack at the back of No.1 Court to make sure he could pack his allocation in his kit bag before stepping up to the microphone.

    “It’s quite exciting for us,” says Ashmore. “The towels now tie into our apparel collection. It’s a big departure.”


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