Virat Kohli Finds Strength in Silence as Gambhir Speak Out on Confrontation

    In the aftermath of their highly publicized confrontation during the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2023, former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir has finally addressed his relationship with former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) skipper Virat Kohli. The heated exchange between Kohli and Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) mentor Gambhir occurred following RCB’s victory over KL Rahul and his team.

    Recently, after suffering a major defeat in the World Test Championship (WTC) Final against Australia, star batter Virat Kohli turned to the wisdom of Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu and posted a quote about silence on his Instagram story. This came amidst criticism from Team India fans and cricket veterans regarding Kohli’s shot selection in the WTC 2023 Final.

    Gambhir and Virat Kohli, who were teammates during India’s victorious 2011 World Cup campaign, have added another chapter to their fiery IPL rivalry. Their confrontations have occurred not only during the IPL but also in the past when Gambhir represented the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise in IPL 2013.

    Breaking his silence on his verbal spat with Kohli, LSG mentor Gambhir clarified that their clash was not personal and stated that his relationship with both Kohli and legendary cricketer MS Dhoni remains the same. Gambhir emphasized that any arguments or disagreements they have are confined to the cricket field and do not extend beyond it. In an interview with News Channel 18, he intriguingly namedropped Dhoni, asserting that the competitive drive to win is shared among all of them.

    During the match between RCB and LSG, Virat Kohli engaged in heated exchanges not only with Gambhir but also with LSG pacer Naveen-ul-Haq and Kyle Mayers. Following the game, Gambhir confronted Kohli about his post-match behavior, leading to a charged moment between the two. As a result, both the former RCB skipper and the LSG mentor were fined 100 percent of their match fees for violating Article 2.21 of the IPL code of conduct at that time.

    Reflecting on the incident, Gambhir expressed that fights and arguments on the cricket field are not uncommon, but he has always made sure that they remain within the confines of the game. He emphasized that such altercations need not be clarified or discussed beyond the cricket field, dismissing the requests for interviews or clarifications made by various individuals seeking higher television ratings.

    Virat Kohli draws inspiration from philosophical quotes

    Meanwhile, Virat Kohli continues to draw inspiration from philosophical quotes. In his recent Instagram post, he cited Lao Tzu’s statement, “Silence is a source of great strength.” This comes after his disappointing performance in the WTC 2023 Final, where he played a misguided shot outside the off-stump, resulting in a catch by Steve Smith.

    This is not the first time Kohli has shared philosophical musings on social media. After the completion of Day 4 during the WTC Final, he posted about the practice of letting go, emphasizing the importance of not being burdened by worries, fears, and doubts. Additionally, Kohli’s Instagram story featured a quote that encouraged developing the ability to be disliked in order to liberate oneself from the influence of others’ opinions.

    Criticism of Kohli’s shot selection during the second innings of the WTC Final also came from veteran cricket legend Sunil Gavaskar. Expressing disappointment, Gavaskar referred to the shot played outside the off-stump and questioned how a century-plus innings could be achieved if such shots were taken.

    Gautam Gambhir has shed light on his relationship with Virat Kohli, emphasizing professionalism and respect. He made it clear that their disagreements are limited to the cricket field and do not extend beyond that. Gambhir’s assertion that his relationship with both Kohli and MS Dhoni remains the same underscores the competitive spirit they all share.

    As for Virat Kohli, he continues to draw inspiration from philosophical quotes, seeking strength and perspective in moments of criticism and disappointment. However, it remains to be seen how these experiences will shape the future dynamics between these two prominent figures in Indian cricket.


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