New Chinese Glass Invention is as Hard as Diamond

    Chinese scientists probably have in hand a new invention, a glass material which according to reports today is as hard as a diamond. Supposedly named AM-III which can widely be used in the hi-tech industry.

    The AM-III appears to be a semiconductor that is believed to pass electric current. The AM-III is made of carbon which can find usage to make a bulletproof window and is a semiconductor almost as efficient as silicon, reports say.

    AM-III’s ability to be applied as a photoelectric device seem to be a promising product of interest to manufacturing weapons due to its ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

    The ultrastrong semiconducting device has wide applications however mass production is still a long way off. The new material developed by scientists in northern China can reportedly leave deep scratches on a diamond.

    Reports say the bulletproof quality of the AM-III is maybe twenty to a hundred times better than a conventional product available in the market.

    The transparent AM-III can also be produced in various shapes and sizes, according to scientists.

    Chinese Develop Glass material as hard as Diamond –

    Diamonds are commonly known as the hardest material in the world and is also the most scratch-resistant material found on the planet.

    A Diamond is considered matchless in toughness and scratch-resistant qualities. It is also the hardest and most durable gemstone on the planet.


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