Confident of the BBV154 Nasal Vaccine to show Promising Results – Scientist

    Dr. Krishna Ella, Scientist, Co-Founder, and Chairman of Bharat Biotech is confident that its intranasal vaccine (BBV154) against Covid-19 will show a promising efficacy result. The BBV154 intranasal vaccine has received the go-ahead to proceed with Phase 2/3 human clinical trials. This vaccine holds great promise as it may overcome the shortfalls of intramuscular vaccines.

    The vaccine currently undergoing phase 2/3 human trials is supported by the Department of Biotechnology and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council. Dr. Ella added it the intranasal vaccine would serve as a strong booster in strengthening immune responses as a follow-up to COVAXIN.

    “We are working on a combination of Covaxin followed by nasal, so that Covaxin primes the system of innate immunity and then the boost by the nasal which produces three immune responses – the IGG, the IGA, and then mucosal immunity,” Dr. Ella told during an interview at a Freedom Summit on the eve of India’s 75th Independence Day. “All three immunities are powerful and can protect a person from getting infected.” He said.

    BBV154 is an intranasal COVID-19 vaccine that may overcome the shortfalls of intramuscular vaccines

    According to Dr. Raches – BBV154 is an intranasal COVID-19 vaccine that may overcome the shortfalls of intramuscular vaccines. Perhaps the ideal mode of protection (against disease and infection) might require IgA (mucosal) + IgG (systemic) + Memory B/T cells. If achieved, we may limit transmission.

    On a question of whether a third dose, is it required, Dr. Ella said We will give the data to the government, it’s for the government and the regulatory agencies to make the decision. We are certainly working on the intra-nasal combination, and if nasal produces good results in our trials, we will be armed with greater production augmentation abilities.”

    Further, he said India has done better than any other country towards covid-19 vaccination drive administring over 50Cr doses as of today. We have done better in terms of affordability and reach.

    Bharat Biotech has three facilities in Hyderabad involved in the production, and production which is increasing its capacity step by step. While it takes time for the new facility to begin production, validated properly, and monitored strictly, Dr. Ella said We’ve reached a certain level of confidence in Bengaluru. In Gujarat, we started a plant in Ankleshwar, where we were producing a rabies vaccine and now we will produce Covaxin. We already have human resources in Gujarat.


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