ACE Championship 2024: All New Electric Racing for Talent & Innovation Unveiled

    ACE Championship : The team behind the electrifying Formula E 2023 Greenko Hyderabad E-Prix has announced their ambitious vision for the ACE Championship, set to begin globally in 2024. This innovative four-wheel electric racing series will focus on developing motorsport talent and innovation in underrepresented markets while providing thrilling and competitive racing.

    Led by former Mahindra Racing CEO Dilbagh Gill and backed by the ACE Group founders, the ACE Championship promises to revolutionize the motorsport and automotive industry with its focus on delivering the following objectives:

    Talent development, at all levels 

    The series will be a leader in talent development, offering an affordable entry into racing for young drivers and providing an unparalleled opportunity to grow and hone their skills. 

    It will create career opportunities throughout the roles of the motorsport paddock irrespective of background, location, gender or socio-economic status.  

    The ACE Championship will have two levels, the entry level Challenger Series and the top-tier Championship. This Championship will be a ‘feeder’ platform for drivers and engineering talent to move into other racing series. 

    ACE Championship: Innovation and technological development with real-world outcomes 

    ACE Championship - thenewsfacts
    ACE Championship set to debut in 2024 – an all new exciting electric racing series

    Using racing as a platform for development, technology will be fast-tracked into manufacturing and production opportunities in the automotive industry to improve commercial viability, with sustainability and renewable energy central to the innovation. 

    Developing motorsport in underrepresented markets

    The ACE Championship 2024 series will run in a regional format and on regional circuits across continents to bring a showcase to areas where fandom and industry around motorsport can be grown in areas underrepresented by existing Championships. 

    Competitive, engaging racing 

    Thrilling racing is at the heart of the ACE Championship. The short format competitive racing will use innovation to engage fans in unique new ways. It will be daring, different and digital. 

    The initial race car will be an evolved vehicle similar in performance to the Gen2 Formula E car. 

    In a world first, the same car will be used in both levels of racing, meaning teams can run four drivers in two Championships with two vehicles, an opportunity afforded by the technological advancements the series will deliver. 

    There is already significant interest from a range of existing racing teams in joining the series.
    Anil Chalamalasetty, Founder of Greenko and the ACEGroup, said: “The ACE Group is proud to be supporting this groundbreaking and paradigm shifting new ACE Championship. We believe in innovation that makes a positive difference to society. 

    “There is a lot of synergy with the technologies being developed within the other ACE Group Companies that would be shared and assimilated to make this a true ‘Road to Race’ and ‘Race to Road’ programme. 

    “I am so happy this is being revealed at the Greenko Hyderabad E-Prix.  

    Dilbagh Gill, Founder and CEO of ACE Championship,said: “The ACE Championship is about innovation in motorsport and about opportunity. We are looking at the ACE Championship to provide representation to people who are interested in driving, and engineers, around the world who have not had the opportunity to date and giving them a chance to level up.

    “The bedrock of ACE Championship is to provide technology, opportunity and a platform to excel. This is going to be the first championship in the world where one single race car can compete in two different championships – each team can have two different drivers in the ACE Championship and ACE Challenger series, driving the same car, but with two different power levels. We are providing a pathway for our drivers in the ACE Championship, at a low cost, but with high performance.

    “ACE Championship is going to be focused around the three ‘Ds’ – we are going to be daring, we are going to be different and we are going to be digital.” 

    Alejandro Agag, Formula E Founder and Chairman, said:“The ACE Championship is an important initiative. To create opportunities for young drivers to enter motorsport via the ‘electric avenue’ is crucial – and was missing until now. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is the pinnacle in electric motorsport, but to have categories which can facilitate younger drivers coming through is crucial and that’s why the ACE Championship is very important. 

    “The difference between this and other championships is that there is no other electric junior racing series. This is why the ACE Championship initiative is so interesting.

    “Having more competitions in countries around the world where there is not as much access to and representation in motorsportis key to success. To create this championship in India is a great idea and certainly fills a gap, in a huge market for the automotive industry. 

    “The ACE Championship has all the elements to develop extremely well, with all of the right partners and technology, as well as the people leading it.”

    Nick Heidfeld, Development Driver and Advisor for ACE Championship, said: “When Dilbagh talked to me about this programme I was interested straight away – an electric junior racing championship has not been done before.

    “We want ACE Championship to be fair and affordable, and attract youngsters into the series from all regions of the world to make the step into motorsport. In the ACE Championship, we are trying to create something which gives young drivers the possibility to get into the sport on good circuits and move forward in their careers.

    “It is a new project which I enjoy and like. We have a good team behind the championship and I I hope to support and advise onall aspects of the series, as well as provide insight from what I have learned from more than 30 years in motorsport.”


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