Sabyasachi Lingerie ad was it meant to create controversy?

    Celebrity designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee, a designer popular and admired by many has done something least expected of him. As a responsible designer, who creates woman clothing for festive and bridal and traditional affair. His recent advertisement has led to a huge controversy.

    So was it meant to be that way? Did he pass this advertisement knowing or being aware that it will hurt the sentiments? or is it a publicity stunt to create a buzz.

    The lingerie ad got trolled widely online including jewellery ads featuring same-sex and heterosexual couples wearing Sabyasachi Royal Bengal Mangalsutra collection.

    Sabyasachi why did he endorse an add for his brand hurting sentiments?

    The ads showcase the designer Sabyasachi “Intimate Fine Jewellery” collection and some photos show models in intimate apparel wearing a mangalsutra, which is a traditional necklace worn by women in India after their wedding.

    The ad campaign did not go down well with a section of social media with several users accusing the designer of hurting sentiment and denigrating the mangalsutra.

    “What are you exactly advertising? No one will wear this jewellery now coz you have shown the world that if I wear that jewellery I must be some cheapo! please take care of your campaigns (sic),” a user wrote in the comments section on Instagram.

    “It’s why I designed an extensive range, so everyone could get something. This would also mean giving unlimited access to our Bengal Tiger logo, something that we hold very close to us, it’s almost sacred. A lot of marketing folks would consider this strategy harakiri for a luxury brand, but I believe that sustainable success never comes from the mind, always from the heart,” Sabyasachi wrote.

    Days ago, on October 19, Indian clothing brand Fabindia withdrew an advertisement for a clothing collection – called ‘Jashn-e-Riwaaz’ – after senior BJP leaders accused it of ‘defacing’ Diwali by linking the festival to an Urdu term.


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