Science is Rewarding, if You Defeat the Odds – COVAXIN Scientist Krishna

    Science pays, if you are passionate, and committed towards it, COVAXIN Scientist Krishna Ella said. Addressing young entrepreneurs in Hyderabad and told a packed audience in an interactive session ‘Braving the Odds’ Dr. Krishna Ella, Co-Founder of Bharat Biotech said “I am still a scientist… Science is my passion.”

    When asked which is more exciting and challenging to him between being a scientist or entrepreneur in an interactive session in Hyderabad.

    While science is his passion and that being a vaccine maker is more challenging than entrepreneurship, Dr. Krishna Ella said.

    Dr Ella was speaking during a conversation with Uma Chigurupati, Chairperson of FLO, Hyderabad on Tuesday. Suchitra Ella, JMD of Bharat Biotech, also participated in the interactive session.

    Science Cannot be driven by Entrepreneurship – Covaxin Scientist Krishna

    COVAXIN Scientist Krishna
    COVAXIN Scientist Dr Krishna Ella and Mrs. Suchitra Ella, being felicitated by the Governor of Telangana

    Science is also very demanding as scientists working in the vaccine field need to compete globally, Dr Krishna Ella said. Systems, once they are put in place, can drive entrepreneurship, but science cannot be driven by entrepreneurship, he added.

    Safety was at the top of the mind while setting out on the journey of making vaccines, Dr Ella said.

    Sharing an example for young entrepreneurs, he said, “In the field of vaccines, scientists need to compete globally. The intensity of the competition is very tight. Whereas, in the entrepreneurial journey, once you build systems, the systems can run the show. It is easiest to work on vaccines for children. But it is not so working with adult vaccines. With science the start is always difficult, but it always pays.”

    “I looked at only one thing. Safety, safety, safety. It is the most crucial thing in a vaccine,” he said, adding that even if a vaccine does not end up helping a person, it should not harm the recipient.

    Suchitra Ella who along with Dr. Krishna Ella was felicitated by The Governor of Telangana at this event said, “Our priority was never to build a balancesheet. But, we always gave preference to science, technology and research. Earlier, one would study only to get a job. But today’s young people pursue what means the most to them.” “We have women everywhere, but not many in science. We need more women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” she said.

    COVAXIN creator Dr Krishna narrated his life’s story saying that the USA gave him a skillset that subsequently gave him the confidence to take on bigger roles in life. “I had the influence of my teacher, my wife and my mother for deciding to relocate from USA to India and venture out big on our own. My teachers too encouraged me to accept more challenging roles,” he said.

    Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan, who was the chief guest at the event, praised the efforts of Krishna Ella and Suchitra Ella in bringing out Covaxin during the pandemic.

    Soundararajan, who felicitated Krishna Ella and Suchitra Ella on the occasion, said the country is proud of the indigenous vaccine and the vaccine makers.

    The country has successfully taken up the world’s largest vaccination drive to combat COVID-19, she said.


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