Chip industry under stress, with new US restrictions on sales to China

    Chip Industry world over is under stress now, with new US restrictions on exports. Businesses all around the world started to consider the effects of broad U.S. restrictions on the export of chips and machinery for making chips to China.

    In order to continue running its operations in China, the South Korean manufacturer of memory chips SK Hynix Inc. announced on Friday that it would apply for a licence under new U.S. export control regulations.

    The export of certain U.S.-made semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China is now prohibited, according to a broad set of rules published by American officials on Friday. However, companies from the United States and its allies are still allowed to export certain products without obtaining a licence.

    Chip Industry readies to grapple the US Export Restriction Challenges

    American officials announced a broad set of regulations on Friday that limit the export of some equipment used in the manufacture of semiconductors to China but allow American and ally companies to apply for licencing exemptions.

    According to the US regulations, a supercomputer is any device having at least 100 petaflops of so-called double precision computing power or 200 petaflops or more of single precision computing power housed in a space of less than 41,600 cubic feet. The processing speed of a computer is measured in petaflops.

    Nvidia said on Friday that it did not anticipate any additional effects on its company, despite stating a month ago that the rules could damage $400 million of its current-quarter sales in China.


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