India’s Coal Ministry’s Mega Plan: 1404 MT by 2027, 1577 MT by 2030

    In a bid to meet the escalating demand for power in the country, the Ministry of Coal has unveiled an ambitious production plan, targeting 1404 million tonnes (MT) of coal by the year 2027 and a staggering 1577 MT by 2030. This initiative comes against the backdrop of the current annual production level of approximately one billion tonnes.

    Acknowledging the additional coal requirements for an anticipated 80 gigawatts (GW) of thermal capacity to be added by 2030, the Ministry notes that the coal demand for this expansion would be approximately 400 MT, assuming an 85% Plant Load Factor (PLF). However, this figure may be subject to adjustment based on evolving generation requirements, particularly with contributions from renewable sources.

    To ensure an uninterrupted supply of domestic coal to thermal power plants, the Ministry of Coal’s production enhancement plan encompasses the opening of new mines, expanding existing capacities, and leveraging production from captive/commercial mines. All three operational components have well-defined plans for further augmentation.

    The projected production figures for 2027 and 2030 far surpass the anticipated domestic requirements of thermal power plants, including those for the envisaged additional capacity.

    India’s coal production marks 12% YoY Growth

    As of the current year, coal stocks have begun to accumulate, with thermal power plants boasting a stockpile of around 20 MT and mines holding 41.59 MT. The total stock, inclusive of transit and captive mines, stands at 73.56 MT, marking a 12% year-on-year growth compared to the previous year’s 65.56 MT.

    The collaborative efforts of the Ministries of Coal, Power, and Railways are evident in their close coordination, ensuring smooth coal supplies. Notably, despite a low stock scenario earlier in the year, a steady buildup has been witnessed in both thermal power plants and mines.

    The growth in power generation from domestic coal-based plants stands at 8.99%, while coal production has seen an impressive 13.02% yearly increase as of the current date. Over the last three months, the demand for thermal power has surged by over 20% compared to the previous year.

    The Ministry of Coal remains committed to maintaining a robust production and supply chain to support the burgeoning energy needs of the nation.


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