Shocking to Know What Lock Upp Did to Poonam Pandey

    On the new reality show Lock Upp, series by Kangana Ranaut, Poonam Pandey revealed she had filed a case of domestic violence against Sam, just weeks after marrying him in 2020.

    At the Kangana Ranaut’s reality show Lock Upp, Karanvir asked Poonam if she loved Sam Bombay when she was with him. She then told him that he once beat her so much that it caused her brain haemorrhage. “Yes, I did and I don’t hate him right now, I just don’t like him, I dislike him.”

    Poonam Pandey Beaten , Suffered Brain Haemorrhage

    Poonam Pandey Lock Upp
    Poonam Pandey – courtesy twitter

    Poonam Pandey revealed that he broke her heart and said, “Who likes to get beaten up. I had like four floors of house, private garden, private terrace, I had everything. I had a big house. If I am in one room, I am not allowed to be in that room. He would ask me why are you in that room, would force me to be with him in the room he wanted. When I would tell him that I wanted some time with myself, some fresh air, I wasn’t allowed. I was not allowed to take my phone anywhere, and was not allowed to touch my phone in my own house.”

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    Pandey added, “If I love my dog and sleep with them, he would say I love my dogs more than him. What kind of statement is that? Why should I get f**** beaten up for loving my dogs? Is that a reason to get a brain haemorrhage? Because I have one.”

    Poonam also said that she had been living with it for four years, when Karanvir asked how long she had been putting up with it all. Karanvir then said, “Poonam, not just for you but anybody. The first time a man hits you is the time, it is time that it will happen again and again and again.”

    Poonam Pandey also said, “It was just for once. My brain injury (she points on the left side of her head) did not heal because he kept beating me on the same spot again and again. I would apply makeup, gloss and laugh in front of everyone, to hide it. I would act very cool in front of everyone. I used to get hit on the same spot again and again.”


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