Olympics 2020 Results: HORIGOME wins Skateboarding Gold for Japan

    Japan added Gold Medal to their tally today. The first skateboarding event at the Olympics 2020 Games is won by the hosts!

    Horigome absolutely nails four of his five tricks, all scoring in the 9s, and those will be his four best scores. A total of 37.18 points and that means he cannot be caught for gold!

    Horigome lands first skateboard gold

    The current second-best skater, Jagger Eaton, would need 10.03 points – not a possible score – to displace him.

    So the remaining skaters will be trying for silver and bronze from here.

    It won’t be Nyjah Huston, pre-event favourite, who won’t even place on the podium after missing four of his tricks. He gives Horigome a big hug.

    It’s Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler (36.15) who takes silver! Jagger Eaton then falls on his last trick so it comes down to France’s Aurelien Giraud who misses his attempt so Eaton wins bronze!


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