Olympics 2020: Warholm Creates New 400m Hurdles World Record

    A huge and momentous day for Athlete Warholm as he broke and created a new world record for 400 m Hurdles clocking 45.94! at Tokyo.

    Time for the men’s 400m hurdles final, where Kevin Young’s Olympic record could fall to the world record holder and gold medal favourite Karsten Warholm (NOR).

    On your marks. Into the blocks, and off they go! Warholm starts very, very quickly and is already blazing away!

    Warholm shatters 400 m Hurdles WR clocks 45.94 sec

    Warholm shatters 29 year old world record for 400 m hurdles.

    A month after breaking a 29-year-old 400m hurdles world record in Oslo, he broke it AGAIN at the Tokyo Olympics

    Karsten Warholm WR at Tokyo Olympics 2020

    Has he gone too hard too quickly? Here comes Rai Benjamin (USA) catching him!

    Warholm fading down the final stretch but he just finds something extra and he has smashed the world record!

    Silver medal went to to the American Benjamin – 46.17 would have took half a second off the previous WR, bronze to Alison dos Santos (BRA).

    Reaction from Warholm after creating a new world record

    On breaking the 46-second barrier.

    “I mean, man it’s so crazy. It’s by far the biggest moment of my life.

    “It defines everything, all the hours I put in, everything that my coach has been working for.

    “I dream about it like a maniac, I tell you. I sleep all night on it. I spend all my time thinking about this, so just getting this last medal into my collection, it’s complete.

    “I can’t sleep. I’ve spent thousands of hours thinking about this.

    “I had this special feeling in my chest, you know when you are nervous. I was just thinking this is the feeling that I had when I was six years old. I’ve never had that feeling since I got older, but yesterday I had it.”

    On the race:

    “I didn’t touch one hurdle. I was even able to find another gear coming home, so ‘wow’.

    “It’s just so big. It’s almost like history here. It was the only thing missing from my collection. I had a world championships (gold). I had European championships, I had the world record, the European record.

    “The Olympic gold medal is what everybody talks about. I knew this race was going to be the toughest of my life, but I was ready.”


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