Olympics Results 2020: Two 13 Year-Olds win Gold, Silver

    With teammate Leticia Bufoni cheering her on from the stands, 13-year-old Rayssa Leal – already guaranteed a medal for Brazil – begins her final trick, sitting on 14.64 points.

    However, she takes a tumble – that’s a no score – and will not be able to catch fellow 13-year-old NISHIYA Momiji (JPN), next to go. Nishiya lands hers to applause from the gathered media and fellow skaters, running to her coach with a wide grin on her face.

    Olympics Results 2020: Nakayama Funa and Nishiya Momji thrill at Olympics

    Olympics 2020

    Momiji improves her score to 15.26, and now the only person who can catch her is teammate NAKAYAMA Funa. She spills on her attempt too so it’s gold and bronze for Japan, silver for Brazil!

    Momji wins gold at Olympics 2020 skateboarding

    Nakayama is herself only 16, so this could very well be the youngest Olympic podium ever.


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