NASA’s new study supports Einstein’s theory of gravity, but the mystery of dark energy persists

    Our universe is surrounded in mystery, some explained and some yet to be explained. The quest to know and discover such as the dark energy continues.

    The most recent scientific understanding of how gravity operates and impacts the world we live in has to some extent been defined by space scientists. However, the “dark energy” that is causing this acceleration is still a mystery. But by examining gravity, NASA scientists are aiding in the investigation of this mystery. 

    The mystery around The Dark Energy unexplained

    According to the space agency, the universe’s acceleration of expansion is similar to throwing an apple into the air and seeing it continue to ascend while speeding up.

    The Dark Energy Survey has just released a new report that aims to clarify whether this is all just a big mistake (DES). DES is a global cooperative project that maps hundreds of millions of galaxies, detects thousands of supernovae and finds patterns of cosmic structure.

    The new study uses the 4-metre Victo M Blanco Telescope in Chile to conduct what according to the space agency are the most precise tests yet of Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity at the cosmic scale. It finds that the current understanding appears to be correct. The results were presented at the International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology in Rio de Janeiro.

    Since its creation more than a century ago, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity has precisely predicted a number of events, including the existence of black holes. However, if it is unable to explain dark energy, some scientists believe that some of its equations may need to be changed or new elements added.

    Members of the DES sought proof that gravity’s force has changed over time or space in order to verify that theory. If that were the case, it would show that Einstein’s theory is unfinished, which would help us understand why the universe is expanding at an accelerated rate.

    The participants also looked at data from the ESA’s Planck satellite in addition to that from the Blanco telescope. However, the research revealed that Einstein’s theory still holds, meaning that there is still no explanation for dark energy.

    In order to arrive at this conclusion, scientists needed to look deep into the universe’s past. They did this by looking at objects that are really far away. A light-year is about 9.5 trillion kilometres, or the distance that light can travel in a year.

    This means that an object one light-year away appears to as us as it was a year ago. That means that galaxies billions of light-years away appears to us as they were billions of years ago. The observations made by the scientist matched what is predicted by Einstein’s theory, once again leaving dark energy with no explanation


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