BGMI Appears on Google Play, But You Can’t Play, Krafton Calls it a Glitch

    Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI, has made a reappearance on the Google Play store for Android smartphones, almost ten months after being banned in the country. However, gamers currently face obstacles as the game cannot be played despite the presence of its dedicated page on the Play Store. Krafton, the creators of BGMI, acknowledged the issue and assured users that they are working to resolve the technical error.

    In a recent statement, Krafton mentioned that the closed test track for BGMI has been updated. Users who had opted for a public test before the game’s official launch were expected to receive a message guiding them to the Play Store for downloading the game. Unfortunately, the link is non-functional due to the servers being shut down. Krafton acknowledged that some users who had not participated in the closed test are also experiencing this issue. The company clarified that it is a technical error and they are actively working towards a solution.

    Despite the temporary setback, accessing the BGMI page is still possible by either searching for the game via Google Search or visiting BGMI’s official website and clicking on the Play button. This will direct users to the download page, where they can acquire the game free of charge.

    BGMI Creators working on to fix the glitch

    However, gamers may encounter difficulties when trying to connect to the servers as they are not yet operational. Krafton announced the lifting of the ban on BGMI last week, which had been imposed in July 2022 due to security concerns.

    Expressing gratitude to the Indian authorities for allowing the resumption of BGMI’s operations, Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of KRAFTON, Inc. India, also thanked the Indian gaming community for their support and patience during the past few months. Sohn emphasized Krafton’s commitment to the Indian gaming ecosystem, highlighting their India-first approach, investments in the local industry, collaborations with Indian developers, and promotion of cutting-edge technologies for growth and innovation.

    Vibhor Kukreti, Head of Government Affairs at KRAFTON, Inc. India, appreciated the authorities for granting permission to restart BGMI operations. KRAFTON, Inc., a responsible South Korean organization, is fully compliant with the law and has implemented measures to ensure regulatory compliance. They aim to support, sustain, and promote the growth of the gaming ecosystem in India.

    BGMI’s return comes with certain conditions imposed by the Indian government. Firstly, the government has requested the addition of a time limit to the game to address addiction concerns. Secondly, BGMI is expected to modify its user interface (UI) to make it suitable for Indian audiences, although the game had already been tailored for Indian users prior to its ban. Krafton had also previously announced a partnership with Microsoft Azure to safeguard Indian users’ data, although these details have not been confirmed by the company.

    In conclusion, Krafton expressed gratitude to the authorities for allowing the resumption of BGMI operations in India, despite the technical glitch preventing gameplay. The company remains committed to complying with regulations and supporting the growth of the Indian gaming ecosystem.


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