Moon Knight Episode 5 Will Blow Your Mind, Thrilling Trailer

    Moon Knight Episode 5 trailer is out. Marvel Studios officially who unveiled their newest promo for Moon Knight Episode, gave its fans a peek into the highly-anticipated second last episode from the most popular show on OTT now. According to the creators of Moon Knight series they say the penultimate shows will blow your mind.

    The 17-second promo includes key scenes from Episode 4 while offering a glimpse of Marc Spector’s confused face, Ammit’s tomb, and Spector running toward an unknown enemy.

    In episode 4, we saw Marc Spector and Steven Grant in an asylum of some sort, the title “Asylum” for episode 5 is not a shock. At the end of episode 4, “The Tomb,” Spector and Grant encounter the colorful hippo goddess Taweret (Antonia Salib). She blocks a hallway as the two are trying to escape from Harrow’s psychological prison. Dealing with that fallout, whatever it may be, in episode 5 makes logical sense.

    Indeed, the asylum at the end of episode 4 bears striking similarities to the one featured in the Lemire and Smallwood comic run of Moon Knight in 2016

    Moon Knight Episode 5 Trailer is full of surprises

    Moon Knight show has garnered strong audience appreciation due to the impressive portrayal of Oscar Isaac as the titular hero with dissociative identity disorder.

    The most recent episode, “The Tomb,” earned even more reactions from fans since it delivered a shocking ending, showing Marc Spector and Steven Grant side by side inside a mental asylum.

    Grant Curtis the creator of Moon Knight Series revealed that Episodes 5 and 6 “are going to blow your mind,” while co-director Aaron Moorhead warned fans that they will be “surprised” by everything coming in the last two episodes.

    Watch Moon Knight Episode 5 trailer creates big excitement

    Moon Knight premiered on Disney+ with Oscar Isaac as the titular superhero just under a month ago. Information has come to The Cosmic Circus recently, from what appears to be a reliable source about the episode titles of the final two episodes of the series.


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