Olympics 2020 Great Moments : Germany’s First Woman In Boxing

    Apetz has been living her Tokyo dream. The German woman Boxer has been super excited, when she qualified for the Games. Through the lens of her social media, the watching world can tell that she’s having a good time despite this year being a different Olympic experience for many.

    Nadine Apetz started boxing when she was 21. Now, a full 14 years on, no female boxer in Germany could challenge her welterweight dominance and now she stands at a crossroads of history as the first German woman ever to qualify for the Olympics. Join Tokyo 2020 to learn more of her fascinating story.

    Nadine Becomes Germany’s First Woman Boxer to participate in Olympics

    Over the years, Nadine Apetz collected several medals. In her flat in Cologne, a city in the western part of Germany where she studies and trains, five bronze medals hang on the wall. They’re a reminder of her accomplishments so far, but also motivation to go farther. The goal of being in a final in international competition, and maybe finally winning the gold, is something that excites her.

    Germany’s First Woman Boxer at Olympics – courtesy Apetz Instagram

    “I’m quite happy that I haven’t experienced the Olympic Games yet. This time everything will be much different. And since I don’t have any comparison, everything will still be great and fascinating and beautiful for me”, Apetz told Tokyo 2020 ahead of her Olympic debut against Lovlina Borgohain of India on 27 July. “I’m just happy to be here and I’m going to enjoy everything.”


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