Will China’s Anti-Sanctions Law pin the US?

    China on earlier at the BRICS summit had said that BRICS countries pursue openness, inclusiveness and win-win cooperation, and reject "bloc politics and ideological confrontation". Meanwhile The new Chinese Anti-Sanctions law to blunt US sanctions will not lead the US to reverse course on sanctions, but it could force foreign firms to think twice about enforcing them or face lawsuits in China New legislation passed in...

    Top 10 Smartest cities in the world announced

    10 of the smartest cities across the globe to see how the intersection between cutting-edge technology and urban planning is helping populations around the world. The list was announced by Business Chef. The New York City is listed as the No.1 smartest cities in the world. Singapore ranked 2nd, followed by Amsterdam and Dubai. Smart cities use ICT technologies to fuel smarter and more sustainable...

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